1. Introduction

A sudden outbreak of coronavirus in early 2020 disrupted everyone's life plans, and the impact of the virus on human beings in a short period of time has been out of control with human beings still unaware or hesitating. Human beings began to pay attention to the coronavirus and developed a series of countermeasures to actively force human society to return to normal. There is a wide range of behavior and execution plans around the world, but the only way humans will eventually be able to avoid it is through a long period of isolation that slows the spread of the virus and requires faster cures and vaccine development.

I believe that in the process of fighting the virus, everyone has gone through a lot of struggles and thoughts. The wide range of human isolation undoubtedly promotes the explosive application development and prosperity of the Internet, thus the chance of chance pushes the Internet to the near popularisation. The whole process of isolation has dealt a devastating blow to the global economy and offline production and service industries, which some say is a good thing because it forces traditional firms to transform. My personal attitude towards the pros and cons of this issue is mixed, and it is also worthy of lateral thinking and perspective.

2. Social Responsibility

I believe that for this large-scale disaster in human society, people from all walks of life have played their personal value and social responsibility, to bear the brunt of the invasion of the epidemic, the cohesion of the play still let me deeply moved.

Two things impressed me most:

(1) China Rescue Medical Team

(2) (OWTAH)One World Together At Home

This is undoubtedly a voice from all walks of life in the face of human social challenges, and as a designer what can we do? I believe that the external voice will still give us the answer, the human society's virus emergency system and medical equipment service system must be optimized and improved; Even daily hygiene and outdoor activities. Everyone is expressing the value and meaning of individual existence for action.

And my personal viewpoint here today is not to deny that; Rather, we need to have the right logic to look at the problems that this outbreak has created and the problems that humanity is going to face. Personally, I think that trying to save the day after an outbreak is necessary, but in some ways unnecessary. From a design point of view, everything we design for the epidemic seems to be necessary, and the process from design and development to investment is only gradually put into use when the epidemic is in full decline. The starting point for problems may not be to wait for them to happen again and better solve them but to prevent them from happening again. From a macro point of view, I think it is a degree of waste. And our real focus as designers should probably be on how to prevent this kind of global health crisis from happening again or even to really understand the causes of this outbreak so that we can find the right design perspective to start with to achieve the real goal-oriented needs.

3. Rethinking of Relationships

During the course of the outbreak, I actually completely shifted my attention to a bigger concern, which was the global environment. I think human beings need to rethink their relationship with nature in the process of development, which is an absolute relationship(humanity<nature). Firstly, as a non-unique species in the earth's natural ecosystem, human beings do not possess absoluteness and dominance. To some extent, we are just tenants on this planet. The ownership of all resources and the living environment needed by human beings are decided by the earth whether to give to human beings or not. Therefore, I think global environmental protection is the protective behavior of all human beings in a broad sense. Maybe a series of global environmental threats starting from the second half of 2019 has been overwhelmed by the impact of this severe epidemic, and my thinking goes back to a series of crises before the epidemic.

Keywords of thinking:


(Species of creatures)

(Air and water)

(Global climate)

Based on the relationship between humanity and nature, I believe that if environmental protection is regarded as a public charity, it is actually a process of thinking beyond the level. I believe that global environmental protection is a responsibility rather than a charity. If it's purely from the perspective of human interests, we can imagine people can buy accident insurance in case of an accident and irreversible got some compensation when the emergency happened, actually to some extent for the protection of the earth's ecosystem balance and for humans in indirect purchase insurance, for is as much as possible to prevent irreversible destructive events.

(Brainstorm sketches for relationships)

Secondly, I think about how to bring design thinking into the process of global environmental protection. In other words, how will the designer find the entry point and think? At this time, I will subjectively substitute the second-level relationship into the exploration, which is the relationship between human beings as individuals, countries, and organizations. Through the existing relationship, I will analyze the possibility of their orientation towards global environmental problems, establish or optimize existing relationships and achieve the goal of problem-solving. And even how individual humans and diverse species affect nature.


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