1. Introduction

Targeted poverty alleviation has been an important topic in China in recent years, but the changes we are familiar with are few and far between. In the graduation project of the senior year, I was lucky to be exposed to the improvement category of mountain agriculture for targeted poverty alleviation and began a deep exploration of the problems and current situation of mountain agriculture. Just as the so-called one side soil and water support one side people, I think mountain agriculture has certain regional characteristics. Then explore its essence and advantages and disadvantages become the primary factor.

2. Critical Thinking

I came to live in a mountain village for a few days with my problems. Some problems and current situations that I saw and heard with my own eyes prompted me to reflect on them. Based on the answers and surveys of different roles and personal experience, the phenomenon can be roughly divided into three categories (government perspective, farmer perspective, agricultural value perspective).

- Government Perspective:

(1) The government gives certain economic subsidies according to the income standard.

(2) The government provides farmers with a certain amount of agricultural support (farming equipment, good seeds, greenhouses, etc.).

- Farmers Perspective:

(1) The new agricultural equipment is difficult to operate and does not match the ability of farmers to use it.

(2) Rural households are mainly left-behind elderly and children, and young people work in cities.

- Value Of Agriculture Perspective:

(1) Due to distribution channel problems, crops are largely self-sufficient.

(2) The special topography of the mountain leads to the special nature of the land with many plots and low crop yields.

Brief Summary:

First of all, the government's support at this stage can be said to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. From the perspective of farmers, they need solutions that can effectively get rid of poverty and bring benefits to them. Secondly, the uneven distribution of rural labor force led by mountain villages and the low educational level are obvious social problems at present. Digging mountain value is a breakthrough to solve the problem of a large number of labor forces in the city. Finally, according to the characteristics of mountain agriculture, we need to explore its agricultural value and endue it with higher commercial value and channels, to solve the problem of the channel barrier between the virtual and the real.

3. Methodology

I think the most important issue right now is the issue of channels, but right now there is no equal business relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to link the equal demand relationship to endue the energy of mountain agriculture and give full play to the characteristics of small and much mountain areas to enhance the commercial added value of agricultural products through customization. As the antithetical to mountain agriculture, the concern of urban residents about health problems and raw food is increasing with the development of the economy. In order to try to explore the commercial value and demand relationship between the two, organizing the data collected from the survey into an objective user journey map will undoubtedly greatly improve my thinking fluency, and help to focus pain points.

(Original users journey map)

4. Project Overview

Based on the grant of commercial value and the establishment of channels, FARMING&CROP is a service system platform based on this idea. Design contents mainly include:

(1) A customized trading platform for mountain agricultural products(CROP), with the main functions of distributing and following up the online agricultural product order demands of cities (family as the main unit). The corresponding farmers need to fulfill the orders of agricultural products on demand.

(2) Provide farmers with information terminal and certain agricultural machinery support(FARMING), reduce farmers' agricultural work burden, and complete the information synchronization and update of the terminal.

(3) It emphasizes the improvement of the online farmer experience for citizens, and users can have an interactive experiences of online farms through devices (abstraction of sowing, maintenance, harvesting, and other behaviors). And provide product packaging and delivery services.

(Original blueprint and system map)

(Interactive information architecture layer)

At present, the conceptual system and framework of this project (FARMING&CROP) have been completed. Once again, the project is Shared as an individual idea to provide multi-angle thoughts and insights for other individual unit engines.

(The ownership of the project and the information belongs to the individual only for communication and sharing. Do not copy or use it for commercial purposes.)