The Engine 59

is a thinking engine to constantly generate insights and ideas from our society and the environment which we are facing and experiencing. Providing insightful and speculative reflections and ideas, also keep recording to the engine. This engine is kept running by social motivation and innovative contribution and is mainly basic on the new systemic design thinking and the principle of the new materialism.

The original purpose of The Engine 59 is to keep collecting the initial thoughts from the individual who is the engine owner. (Huang, Wei)

But for the future impact, there is an opportunity for The Engine 59 to inspire more and more professional humans and specialists who have the same passion and motivation to be involved, also have enough innovative and critical thinking between current and future, generating insightful and impactful knowledge and strategies to the public or specific clients. Strategically, The Engine 59 is able to generate some new mechanisms combining multi-design knowledge and social insights based on the increasing database.