1. Introduction

Through a series of life experiences and social observations over a long period of time, my life has expressed a sense of boredom from the inside out, and I began to wonder whether the current society is in a closed loop of business combined with entertainment. In fact, in the process of subtle development, it has already had a certain industrialisation basis and social dependence. People seem to have taken recreational life and pure business as the mainstream core values of society. From a single perspective, this is a good result brought by the development of the social economy and the enrichment of material life. But in other words, it may lead to the death of entertainment and the stagnation of human society.

Here, I try to analyse how the social environment we are in now develops into the process of entertainment core through real cases. And give the analysis of the current experience of the economy rapidly developed from the social angle of motivation.

2. Critical Thinking

Why is it the entertainment core of today's society? In fact, there are many practical examples around which ideas are changing. No matter in the current all walks of life are changing from the materialised economic model to the virtual economic model; Virtualisation here includes the Internet model and the experiential economy. Although this is not to deny the current direction of development, such a change is the result of the development of the times and is worth thinking about. We first specifically split the industry development trend of the case analysis.

- Catering Business:

In fact, it has been obvious in people's lives that the traditional food supply model does not have higher demand and competitiveness. Compared with the current saturated industry competition, people's demand for food has reached the point where supply exceeds demand. Therefore, the development of brand power and the development of the service experiential economy have reached a higher sublimation or even transformation for the demand of this industry. On the basis of satisfying the demand for physical catering, consumers have more demand options for service experience and leisure mode, while the experience mode with more brand power and catering to consumers' demand will be more competitive in the market. This also explains that some highly recognised catering and leisure brands have high market recognition and market share in their brand concepts.

- Retail Business:

For the current era, the terminal retail industry can be classified as the traditional marketing industry, mainly through production and marketing integration or intermediary agents. Mainstream terminal retail mainly takes materialised products as sales products, and most of them are daily necessities in high demand. However, it is obvious that the current terminal retail service model has produced a series of changes. Both the online and offline service economy model and the marketing development model that starts to pay attention to brand power are the transformation process to meet the mainstream consumer's experiential transformation of consumption concept. Compared with the high-speed development of the online economy, terminal retail should take consumption experience as the breakthrough point to play the irreplaceable role of offline retail.

- Service Business:

The category is larger for service industries, including the aforementioned catering and terminal retail, as well as finance, health care, public transportation, and so on. In other words, all industry systems that serve individuals or society are facing a driving reform around experience.

3. Extensibility Thinking

In fact, there are some specific manifestations in the current social environment, just like the high-level development of the entertainment industry, especially under the background of China's strong market potential, the entertainment industry and the artist economy are experiencing explosive growth. Consumers' support for artists and idols is transformed into commercial marketing economic influence such as endorsement. It is undeniable that most of the consumer population has reached relatively rich basic living needs and therefore has certain consumption power. So in such a high rate of return under the development of the industry has caused more and more people as a goal and ideal rather than lies in the heart really love and attention, and at the same time the most business companies are also more willing to commit endorsement and the idol economic efficiency of benefits, thus more promotion and marketing class activities, to give up benefits for product innovation and development of the slow investment. This also shapes the overall trend and development trend of the current society and is a social model with obvious trends. Of course, it is undeniable that both marketing and entertainment are an indispensable part of society, and at the same time, it has given us higher spiritual needs and lifestyle, as well as the transmission of positive energy and rich cultural life. Therefore, I set four variables (marketing degree, entertainment degree, development degree, and innovation degree) to measure the development bias of this society. In my opinion, it is a relatively objective performance process to observe the change of social environment with this criterion. Excessive or unbalanced conditions may lead to a series of hidden dangers of social development.

(Original development dimension diagram)

4. Conclusion

As far as I am concerned, the rapid development of the experiential economy is not the symbol of the next era, but the saturation effect caused by the over-development brought by the Internet. Is the infrastructure and materialized based on the needs of relative to meet the needs of higher dematerialization and facilitation, the dependence of both the terminal application of blanket and tends to spread or explosive surge of artists and entertainment industry economic development, also from consumers trying to understand the essential process caused by excessive development. Just like a series of hot new industry and employment trends at present, whether service or interactive design, software program development, or film and television entertainment media and public relations, the expansion of the base is a series of results brought about by the current experiential economic benefits. We can even explain from the end of the 20th century those household appliances and digital products hot brand enterprises, to today gradually dim in the mainstream market and forced to choose transformation; Is all of this relevant to our highly convenient and entertaining times? However, in today's society, we should be more rational to judge the social value and development trend, get rid of blind obedience to create their own values and goals. This may be the part that everyone in our current society really needs to fill or regain when enjoying the entertainment society. It is also the part that we need to think about the real development value and significance of society. Whether it is innovation and development or marketing and entertainment, they are the relative factors that should exist in society. In the case of design, it may be interspersed and exist independently in various industries. We need to jump to a higher level of reflection. Is innovation really achieved to a true degree, or is it just innovation at the entertainment or marketing level?

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