1. Introduction

The concept and definition of design in my mind have been constantly overturned, but in the process of continuous overthrow and reinvention is gradually forming a distinctive personal view. From my professional learning and thinking during my undergraduate years, I have experienced the process of continuous self-overthrow, which we can understand as an alternative learning process. In this process, I constantly consciously control myself so that I can constantly raise the dimension of thinking, thinking and reflect on everything from a macro perspective. Such a process of ascension can help us to have a clearer understanding of the relationship between individuals (people/things/things), so as to accurately find our own direction and the power-point.

2. Overview of Theory

At present, the so-called subjective generalized design theory is entirely a personal view and opinion, we may as well stand on the highest angle to think. All the designs and design work so far are problem-oriented or self-expression-oriented. It is no doubt that the process we need to design is to achieve these two goal-oriented processes, and it is also for us to decide how to achieve such goals. So the optimal goal-oriented process is the good idea and design that we aspire to. Then if the scale of all individuals is no more than all micro-units and macro-units and we understand it as molecular units and elemental units, it means that the essence of the designer is in the process of solving a problem or expressing views, through optimal or more effective method for multidimensional unit combination (all dimensions).

My a relatively specific examples: take the product design is concerned, we solve the problem or meet the user and the demand in the process of the subconscious is a process of creation, it is that we tried to through the realization of the specific things (products) to meet this goal, however, to achieve through the process and the process of using a combination of optimization will each feature or resource integration. To jump to the micro field, in fact, all the specific design branches are following this principle; In terms of the resources available on the earth, it's fixed and finite from a certain point of view; In this process, the designer is an overall resource manipulator, and carries out a goal-oriented combination process through his own objective understanding and subjective judgment. However, many designers may not break down to the smallest unit like this, but the process of using specific equipment and materials is the process of resource integration.

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3. Rethinking

The problem is also obvious, so according to the logic of normal design thinking, whether we have a certain subconscious tendency, which also makes us reach the optimal in a narrow dimension, while in the broad design domain, it seems redundant and complicated. Then under the background of the subjective theory of generalized design, does that mean real design ability of designers no longer have a clear demarcation, but varying the absorption of domain knowledge and the wide-area optimal solution (the resources of the optimal combination), rather than limit thinking to some extent and to create or waste.

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I remember years ago a friend of mine casually asked me a question, how do you understand your undergraduate major (product design)?

At that time, I said that it depends on how you understand the two words of product, the product I understand first did not specifically, from a small button design to a piece of large equipment or even a service enterprise, can be called a product. As long as he can solve the problem and reasonably meet the requirements, and then can obtain the characteristics of the product through the business form, why not call it a product? Maybe this is also the reason why I choose this major. For the design, I don't think there is a clear inclusion relationship between the branches, which are gradually equal and vague.

To today's design elaboration is also to explain the four words of the stage, but at the same time for their own professional as if it is no longer the four words can be summarized. Personally, this is a periodical record and expression of thinking, which is an iterative thinking process whether objective or accurate.



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