1. Background

With the continuous rise and popularization of Internet applications, people have gradually come to a sense of dependence in the process of using. To some extent, people are expanding the application of technology and technology in order to enhance the convenience and connectivity of human beings and human society. Regardless of the macro system of everything, people's constant pursuit of technological breakthroughs and applications will be based on human society for the benefit of the inevitable trend of development. Based on the current situation, human's use of virtual platforms (technology application based on data cloud and Internet), including virtual reality and augmented reality technology, is further developed and applied for human's better integration and improvement of experience on a virtual platform. I am very curious about the relationship between the virtual environment and the real environment after the short-term future of humans.

2. Critical Thinking

For the relationship between the virtual world and the real world, there is no absolute from the philosophical point of view. It's as if we can't even prove with concrete evidence that our reality is reality and everything we live and experience must be real. Maybe we are already experiencing the real life that we believe to be real in the highly developed virtual world. Leaving aside the question of an infinite loop, is it worthwhile to distinguish between the two? Perhaps in the development of human society, a certain degree of saturation of the situation will naturally towards the new virtual environment to expand new areas, just like the virtual of virtual. If this is the irreversible trend of human development, it may be unnecessary to think more, but based on the current relationship between reality and virtual, or what we can call the relationship between virtual and virtual, is it necessary for us to make a better distinction and even prevent this from happening? Could this be a sign of a generation of evasive behaviour and irresponsibility?

However, from my personal point of view, I prefer to cherish the experience brought to me by the present reality, even if it is only a hierarchical virtual reality. I think that in the process of human beings fleeing to the virtual or the next virtual, it is necessary to think about whether we can leave our present reality behind and go to the next paradise. Therefore, I prefer to distinguish between the two in the current ambiguous relationship between human beings, which may be a possibility to get rid of the bad habits and also a manifestation of cherishing the current humanity.

(Original relative diagram)

3. Insight Definition

Under the current events I can experience, I will take some relatively concrete examples to describe the definition of this problem and divide them into two specific formalized processes and moments: short time and high-frequency transition and long time transition. Will the feelings and psychological feedback brought to people during this period be a potential psychological crisis in the future? Or is unrecognized emotional feedback an opportunity to make people more appreciative of the present and distinguish between the relative virtual environment?

- Short time high-frequency transition:

It usually refers to the current Internet platform and common use, and virtual applications in real life. People often switch between relative virtual and relative reality frequently. For example, people will pay attention to walking and real traffic conditions while they interact with each other through mobile phones during commuting, so they will have a high frequency of repeated switching.

(Original transition diagram)

- Long time transition:

Usually refers to a long time in the relative virtual state and then switch back to the relative reality, or refers to a long time in the relative reality and need to enter the relative virtual state. It's like a snap switch where you close the terminal and switch back to relative reality after a long period of online work or a long period of virtual gaming.

(Original transition diagram)

I think these two different transition states are both interesting entry points and worth thinking deeply about the meaning of behavior and the underlying psychological problems. But at the same time, the two states with different durations have different characteristics, different degrees of a relative sense of drop, and to some extent, unique perspectives to think about the distinction between the virtual and the real.

4. Conclusion

Personally speaking, no matter the reality between reality and virtual reality, people's switching process between the two relative reality and virtual reality is a certain transient switching process, with a potential psychological gap and even a sense of loss. With the blurring of boundaries and its wider and more frequent use, this state may become an underlying mental illness in humans; People enter into the new relative time before they realize it. Let's call this unknown state of mind "transition neurosis". I hope this special state can cause me to reflect on the relationship between relative virtual reality and relative reality for human beings. From the perspective of human beings, I hope to reflect on the development direction and significance of the next stage of human beings through this special psychological state, and whether the development goal of human society has been truly achieved, rather than entering a new iterative relationship cycle. At the same time to reflect on the relative reality and relative virtual brought to the human own experience and experience, whether the same as the value of human existence. In the context of a larger system, if this iterative and cyclical relationship between relative reality and relative virtual reality is a necessary process for human development, what benefits does this behavior bring to the next level of reality? If breaking this relationship can better balance humans and their systems, how can we make humans aware of this state earlier, and how can we mitigate and treat the potential effects of transition neurosis? So as to realize the real value definition between reality and virtuality for human beings, and achieve more endowed with human characteristics and the possibility of balanced development.

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